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What is Instant Soup Mix?

Feel the hunger pangs at 6pm everyday? We feel your pain. Instant soups are a quick fix and healthy but supremely tasty snacking option. They usually come in a powdered format. Simply add 150 ml water, stir vigorously and tadaa! Your soup is ready to eat. So, while taking the zoom call or watching TV, choose a snack that is good for you.


Benefits of Hi-Protein Soups:

Saffola Fittify Hi-Protein Soups were born for the everyday hunger pangs. Ever snacking occasion deserves something tasty and yummy. So, we curated and tested multiple flavors from around the world. Fittify soups also contain up to 4X more protein compared to regular soup. With this motto, we also got Chef Kunal Kapur who curated the flavor profiles. Saffola Fittify hi protein soups come with superfood multi-grain crunchies so you don't miss the crunchy element in your soups! One serving contains about 5.6g of protein and only approx 98 calories. We say no to msg, no to articifical color and a big no to added preservatives.


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