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Immunity Boosters

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Worried about you and your family's safety? Boost immunity with Saffola range of products that are specially designed to improve immunity.


Buy Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix

Saffola turmeric milk has 2 spoons of haldi turmeric in every scoop! Traditional haldi doodh recipe is considered healthy for adults and kids alike. This ayurvedic haldi drink is an ayurvedic recipe that has been around for centuries in India. Haldi is considered to have several medicinal properties and benefits such as boosting immunity and anti-inflammation. Considered the traditional haldi doodh boring? We have you covered. Enjoy this spiced turmeric drink (with cinnamon, cardomon and black pepper) in a cold or hot latte form or a milk shake or even as a smoothie so you get all the goodness from haldi without compromising on taste.


How do you consume it the tasty way?

Add a scoop of the haldi mix mixture to a glass of warm or cold milk and stir well. You could also add it to water and stir till the powder dissolves. Enjoy your haldi turmeric beverage.


Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix FAQs:


1) What is Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix?

Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix (SIGTMM) is an instant mix based on the time-tested immunity boosting recipe of ‘Haldi-Doodh’. Each serve of this mix has the goodness of 2 spoons of turmeric along with Pepper, Cinnamon and Cardamom. SIGTMM is tasty & healthy 


2) What are the ingredients?

The ingredients of SIGTMM include – Skimmed milk powder, Turmeric, Cardamom, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Sugar & Almond flakes 


3) How to prepare Turmeric milk?

To prepare turmeric milk: Take 1 scoop (20g) of SIGTMM. Add 200 ml of milk or water. Mix thoroughly & consume. Taste better with Milk.


4) Does the product contain any sort of preservatives?

SGITMM contains NO artificial flavours or preservatives


5) What are permitted excipients?

Permitted excipients are ingredients approved by FDA which improve the texture & stabilise the formulation  


6) How to store this product once opened?

Once opened, store in a cool & dry place, away from sunlight


7) What is the age limit of having this product?

SIGTMM can be consumed by all individuals above 2 years to reap the benefits. 


8) What time of day is best to consume this product?

SGITMM can be taken any time of the day, but majorly it is preferred upon waking or at bedtime. 


9) Can the product be consumed on an empty stomach?

Yes, it can be consumed upon waking 


10) Can I use this product mix by adding water instead of milk?

SGITMM can be taken in water also. But its taste better with Milk.


11) Can it consumed by diabetic/ BP patients?

SGITMM contains sugar, hence it has to be avoided by diabetic patients. It can be consumed by patients with high blood pressure. 


12) As per claim, every scoop contains 2 spoons of turmeric and recommended dosage is once or twice. Will it have any term effect since excess amount of turmeric is being taken?

Every scoop (1 serving) contains the goodness of 2 spoons of turmeric powder. Turmeric is a natural ingredient, proposed by Ayurveda to have many health benefits. There is no harm if excess amounts of turmeric are taken. 


13) Can this product help in weight loss?

This product is not promoted for weight loss. 


14) Can it be consumed by pregnant women?

This product is made with natural ingredients & will be beneficial in boosting immunity during pregnancy. It can be safely taken by expecting females. 


15) Can this product be taken by women with PCOD?

This product can be safely consumed by all females.


16) Is it FSSAI/FDA approved?

This product is approved by FDA as an Ayurvedic product


17) What all pack size the product is available?

400gm SKU


18) What is the MRP of the product? 

Rs. 399 


19) What is the expiry date of the product?

SGITMM has an expiry of 18 months from the date of manufacture


20) Where I can buy this product?

Saffola Immuniveda Turmeric Milk Mix is available on Saffola Stores at best price guaranteed. When you shop for Rs. 500 and above on Saffola Stores, you get a gift hamper worth Rs. 400 at just Re. 1 on ALL orders. You also win exclusive loyalty points everytime you shop on Saffola Stores.




Shop Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix

Introducing the new Ayurvedic immunity boosting herbal tea- the new Saffola Kadha mix. This mix has been made with a modern twist of the traditional ayurvedic recipe. It contains Ayush Kwath ingredients including more than 11 immunity boosting ingredients. Kadha mix not only helps you boost immunity, but also helps support respiratory health and  helps relieve cold, cough and sore throat. It is the perfect drink to enjoy on a cold day. Saffoal immuniveda kadha mix is also available in pack of 2 and pack of 3.


How do you make it?

Simply empty the sachet into a glass. Pour 130-150ml of hot boiling water in the cup. Stir well and enjoy your hot kadha drink. For extra convenience, simply empty the sachet into water and microwave he kadha mix. Take it out, stir and sip away!


Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix FAQS:


1) What is Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix?

SIKM is a Ayurvedic product in the form of granules as a blend of various herbs which have to be taken by adding it to hot water. SIKM is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that are specifically useful in improving the health of respiratory tract and improve immunity. 


2) What all ingredients are used in this?

The ingredients of SIKM include – Tulsi, Sunthi, Dalchini, Yashtimadhu, Vasa, Kankol, Kulanjan, Kali Miri, Haridra, Amla, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Kantakari, Manuka, Nimbu and Honey. 


3) How to use this product? 

One can use this product in various ways.  The most common way of taking is to add one pouch (4 gm) of SIKM to a cup (approximately 150 ml) of hot water, stir properly and sip it warm. Also, you can use less amount of water (approx. 100 ml) if you want to feel the hit of spices. 


Alternatively one can add the ingredients of the pouch to a cup of tea or a glass of milk and drink. 


4) What are the benefits of having Kadha Mix?

The benefits of having SIKM are 

- SIKM helps to clear the throat, provide relief from sore throat 

- SIKM is useful in cough and cold 

- Regular use of SIKM helps to improve respiratory health and immunity i.e. helps to prevent recurrent attacks of respiratory tract conditions 

- SIKM is also helpful in allergic conditions of the respiratory tract 


5) Can we add milk instead of water to this product ?...Will that reduce the efficacy?

One can take SIKM along with water, milk or tea. Adding milk will not reduce the efficacy. 


6) What age group can have this product?

SIKM is safe for all age groups. It is generally used by adults (above the age of 12 years). Children between the age of 5 to 12 years can take half the quantity of adults i.e. half of the pouch (2 gm). 


7) Can this product be taken regularly?

Yes this product can be taken regularly. 


8) Ingredient lists has Sugar mentioned. Can you confirm how much amount of sugar has been added in the product?

Each pouch has approximatly 3.5 gm of sugar. 


9) Can this product be given to kids as well?

While there is no harm in giving SIKM to Kids, they may feel the produt to be bit spicy to take. They may therefore be given it in small quantity. Also they can be given it in milk. 


10) Why is it written as directed by a physician is it a drug prescription?

SIKM is not a prescription drug. However it is also recommended by physician to their patients and therefore it is mentioned “as directed by the physician”. Physicians recommend these type of products and they may use as per their choice. 


11) In the ingredient there is sunthi written twice why?

Sunthi is used in the product in two forms, as water extract and also as oleoresin of Sunthi. Adding in these two forms provides higher product effect and the characterstic Ginger (sunthi) aroma and taste to the product. 


12) Is it in a powdered form?

SIKM is in the form of granules and not powder. 


13) Can senior citizen beyond the age of 70 have this product?

Yes they can surely take it. Infact it will be highly useful in them. 


14) Diabetic patients can have the product ?

SIKM contains about 3.5 gm of sugar per pouch and therefore it is not recommended for people having Diabetes. 


15) Is it FSSAI/FDA approved?

SIKM is approved by FDA as an Ayurvedic Product. 


16) What is the expiry date of the Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix?

The expiry date of SIKM is 18 months from the date of manufacturing 


17) How much calories in one sachet..? If it contains sweeteners...can we have it during fasting?

One sachet has about 15 calories. There is no problem in taking SIKM during fastings where sugar is allowed to be consumed. There are no grains, cereals etc. and contains only herbs and sugar. 


18) Can we use this product in summer also?

 Yes, there is no problem in taking this product during summers also. 


19) What all pack size the product is available?

SIKM is available in a box containing 20 sachets of 4 gm each 


20) What is the MRP of  the product?

The MRP of a box of 20 sachets is Rs. 199/- Inclusive of all taxes. 




Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut

The ultimate immunity booster for the ages is finally here! Kickstart your day with a spoonful of Saffola's Chywan Amrut which is an Ayurvedic Rasayana combining goodness of traditional Chywanprash with great taste.  Chywanprash is considered potent in boosting immunity and promoting respiratory health.


Why go for ordinary chywanprash when you deserve better? Saffola Arogyam Chywan Amrut is a complete unique Ayurvedic recipe based product that contain 50% more amla and extra goodness from exotic immunity boosting ingredients such as giloy and ashwagandha. Do you feel increasingly tired after a long week of work? This product is perfect to arrest tiredness and low energy. It contains shatavari, bala and Vidarikand that boosts strength, energy and stamina to get you through he week and ensure you give your best to anything you take up!


Saffola Arogyam Chywan Amrut FAQs:


1) Is Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut sugar free?

No. Saffola Chyawan amrut contains sugar as well as Honey


2) What is the sugar percentage in 100g of Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

It has appx. 55-59% sugar & honey 


3) Are there any side effects of Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

No, it does not have any side effects. 


4) How to consume Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

Refer to the back of pack


5) What is the appropriate time to consume this product?

It is usually advised to be taken in the morning. How ever can be taken at any time of the day.


6) Will this help in weight Gain?

Saffola Chyawan amrut is to be used as an Immunity Booster & to improve the Respiratory Health . It is not intended for Weight gain. 


7) Which all age group can use this product? 

Saffola Chyawan amrut can be given to all age groups (Above 3 years)


8) Can it be given to kids?

Yes, Saffola Chyawan amrut can be given to kids above 3 years


9) Will this help in hair growth?

Saffola Chyawan amrut is not meant for hair growth


10) Does this help for memory power?

Saffola Chyawan amrut has an ingredient called Brahmi. Brahmi has been traditionally used in Ayurveda since ages for its memory enhancing properties. 


11) What does it meant by 50% more Amla?

This is w.r.t traditional Text - RTS  formulation, Saffola Chyawan amrut contains 50% more amla. 


12) Is there any difference between Chyawanprash & ChyawanAmrut?

Saffola Chyawan amrut is a proprietary design of Saffola based on traditional formulation with 50% more amla, & extra goodness of Giloy, Ashwagandha & turmeric along with Ayushkwath ingredients (Basil, Cinnamon, Ginger & Pepper in 4:2:2:1 ratio) as compared to traditional RTS formula. 


13) Does it contain honey?



14) Can Diabetic patient use this product?

As Saffola Chyawan amrut contains Sugar, it is not advised for Diabetic patients. 


15) How many calories are present in Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

Saffola Chyawan amrut is an ayurvedic medicine hence calories are not mentioned on the back of the pack 


16) What is Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut  is a proprietary poly-herbal formulation which has major ingredient as Amalaki along with 50 other Ayurvedic herbs. It falls, by virtue of its consistency and form of dosage, under the category of Awaleha (electuaries/herbal jams), a group of Ayurvedic formulations. Regular usage of Saffola ChyawanAmrut helps boost Immunity & supports respiratory health 


17) What are the benefits of Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut is an Immunity Booster & also regular consumption also supports respiratory health 


18) What all are the key ingredients used in the Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut?

Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut is made from more than 50 herbs used in the traditional RTS formula of Chyawanprash along with 50% more amla , extra goodness of Amla, Haldi, Ashwagandha & Giloy & Ayushkwath ingredients. Key ingredients used are Amla, Guduchi/Giloy, Ashwagandha, Bala, Shatavari, Pippali, Brahmi, & Gokshura.   


19) How long should  Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut be used?

Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut can be taken on a long-term basis as part of a program designed to support overall strength and immunity, even supporting the natural systems of the body after a bout of stress or illness. 


20) What is the Dosage for Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut ?

Chyawanprash should be taken in a quantity such that it does not interfere with hunger and appetite for food..

- The dosage for Adults is appx 12 gm (1tsp) twice daily

- The dosage For Kids (3-12 years) is appx 6 gm (1/2 tsp) twice daily


21) Saffola Chyawanamrut can be used by what age groups & is the consumption affected by seasonal change?

Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut can be used by all age groups in every season, as its ingredients nullify the unpleasant effects of intense weather and climate or environmental change.

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