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Saffola Oil

Saffola Cooking Oil – The King of Edible Oils 

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for cooking oil to savor your taste buds? 

The need to deep fry food is deeply etched into every Indians’ DNA and Saffola is here with the perfect edible oils to help you manage your Cholesterol numbers. Use Saffola Cooking oils for your everyday recipes, vegetables, quick snacks, and nutrient-rich meals to maintain your holistic wellbeing. 

Why Choose Saffola Cooking Oil? 

The primary reason you choose Saffola is the variety of health benefits we offer. We have a wide list of  products like Saffola Gold, Saffola Total, Saffola Aura, and Virgin Olive Oils that aim to keep you and your family healthy with unparalleled benefits like: 

Promotes heart health 

Can complement your fitness efforts 

Brings out the innate natural flavour of your food

Helps you manage your cholesterol levels 

The primary reason to choose Saffola as your cooking oils is because of the power of blended oil technology and antioxidants that we use to keep your Health first. without compromises in taste. Saffola blended oils are a dual-seed technology that offers you the benefits of two oils in one. Moreover, we also use the LosorbTM Technology to ensure a low oil absorption in your food. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to the free radicals and cholesterol in your body? Choose any oil from our range of products!


Types of Saffola Edible Oils

Saffola Virgin Olive Oil 

This cooking oil will bring out the culinary artist in you. Before being imported to India, this premium quality edible oil gets extracted from Spanish orchards. The Saffola Virgin Olive Oil has antioxidant benefits and a high concentration of healthy fats and is available in 250ml and 1L as well. 

This olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and MUFA that will help keep you healthy even if you deep-fry some potatoes in this oil. 

Great for? Shallow frying, deep-frying, salad dressing, and sautéing. 


Saffola Gold Oil 

Saffola Gold is the OG in the Indian edible oil industry. This Saffola blended oil has rice bran and vegetable oil with Oryzanol benefits. It has a good balance of MUFA and PUFA that reduce cholesterol levels and fatty acids in your body. Moreover, you can access a healthy dose of immunity from this oil. 

The LosorbTM Technology helps your food absorb 33% lesser oil while providing you with a healthy dose of Vitamin D and A. 

Great for? Deep frying, roasting, grilling, and baking. 


Saffola Total Oil 

Saffola Total Oil has an 8-way indicator to help you keep your cholesterol in check. The power of five antioxidants and oryzanol makes this multisource Saffola vegetable oil have an outstanding balance of PUFA and MUFA. 

Using it for cooking will absorb 31% less oil due to the synergistic blend of 8 biomarkers. 

Fun Fact: These oils have 0 g of sugar, carbohydrate, and protein with 0 mg of cholesterol. 

Intrigued by the benefits of our Saffola edible oil? Then, we have a myriad of options available for you! Choose your favourite oil type and get the heart health you and your family deserve. We also have various combo offers available of oils with oats, noodles, green coffee, kadha, tumeric milk and soya chunks at affordable rates.

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