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Saffola Pure Honey


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Saffola 100% Pure Honey 3kg
Saffola 100% Pure Honey 3kg

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Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 4kg + 1kg Free
Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 4kg + 1kg Free


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Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 500g (Pack of 2)
Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 500g (Pack of 2)


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Saffola 100% Pure Honey 500g + 250g
Saffola 100% Pure Honey 500g + 250g


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Saffola Pure Honey 250g + Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut 1 kg
Saffola Honey 250G + ChywanAmrut 1kg


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Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 2kg+500g
Saffola Honey 100% Pure, 2kg+500g


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Saffola Pure Honey 250g (Pack of 4) + Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut 1 kg
Saffola Honey 250G (Pack of 4) + ChywanAmrut 1kg


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Fitness Kit | Saffola Fittify Hi Protein Slim Meal-Shake, Royal Kesar Pista, 420 gm (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) + Saffola Honey 1 Kg
Fitness Kit | Honey 1Kg + Shake Royal Kesar Pista

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Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix 400g + Saffola Honey 100% pure 250g
Saffola Turmeric Milk Mix + Saffola Honey 250g


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Saffola Pure Honey 250g + Saffola Arogyam ChyawanAmrut 500 gm
Saffola Honey 250G + ChywanAmrut 500g


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Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix- 80g (20 Sachets x 4g )  + Saffola Honey 250g
Saffola Kadha Mix- 80g + Saffola Honey 250g


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Saffola Gold 1lt + 100% Pure Honey 1Kg+ Kadha 200g
Saffola Gold 1lt + 100% Pure Honey 1Kg+ Kadha 200g

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Saffola 100% Pure Honey 1kg, 250g free
Saffola 100% Pure Honey 1kg, 250g free

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Honey is a natural sweetener derived and is extremely versatile. It has medicinal properties that help combat common cold, cough. Add a drizzle of pure honey in a glass of warm water with a drop of lemon and cinnamon when a cold virus hits you. Hone is addition also has immunity boosting anti-oxidants which help protect your body fight diseases. Besides this, honey is an excellent substitute for sugar for those trying to lose weight and become fitter. Replacing white sugar with honey is said to help reduce calorific content for the day thereby reducing carbs and helping you lose weight.


Buy Pure Honey in India

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Other Benefits of Honey:

Honey is considered to be a natural energy booster. Use honey in your morning cup of chai or coffee and make home made oats cookies with pure honey to kickstart your day! Also, did you know, a glass of haldi milk with honey before bedtime can promote deep and peaceful sleep? All you need to do is add a spoonful of honey to 1 glass of milk with Saffola Immuniveda golden turmeric milk mix. Honey is great for the skin and hair. Use honey with egg for your scalp to reduce dandruff and make a honey and besan face mask to cleanse the dirt in the pores.




1)How do bees make honey?

Honey is the sweet fluid produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. Worker honeybees transform the floral nectar that they gather into honey by adding enzymes to the nectar and reducing the moisture.


3)What is Saffola honey exactly?

Saffola Honey is a combination of: 

·  (80%) Natural sugars (Fructose & Glucose)

·  (18-19%) water 

·  (1-2%) minerals, vitamins and protein


4) Does Saffola Honey become solid (crystallized). Is it still good?

Crystallization is the natural process by which the glucose in honey precipitates out of the liquid honey. If your honey crystallizes, simply place the honey jar in warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve; Be careful not to boil or scorch the honey.    


5) Does Saffola Honey contain added sugar?

No. Saffola Honey does not contain added sugars, such as cane sugar, rice syrup, sugar beet syrup, corn syrup or any other sweetening additives. 


We employ global best practices through all stages of the supply chain and have earned high quality product though our rigorous and diligent approach. In addition to quality systems set by FSSAI, Saffola has its own advanced, independently audited, quality control systems.

Saffola Honey is committed to ensuring the highest quality of honey from the earliest stages of production. This ensures our 100% pure honey remains a safe and nutritious foods for our consumers. We have multiple certifications, including NMR analysis report proves that saffola honey is 100% pure.


6)  Is Saffola Honey gluten free?

Honey is naturally free of gluten. It does not contain wheat or its by-products. Our honey is 100% pure and natural, nothing has been added to it, therefore it is 100% gluten free. In addition to this, no gluten containing products are handled or stored in our packing facilities.


7) Can honey be fed to babies?

It is recommended to avoid giving honey to infants under the age of 12 months. As with all health matters, we advise you to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional and follow their recommendations.


8) How should I store Saffola Honey?

You can store in a cool, dry and hygienic place at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Close the tightly after every use.   


9) Can Saffola honey can be used for sore throat?

Yes, as per Ayurveda & Research articles, honey can be used as a treatment for sore throat. As the antimicrobial property of honey will relieve and cure the infections in your throat.


10)   Is Saffola Honey good for weight loss?

Yes, based on Ayurveda & Research articles, honey helps in weight management because of the presence of phenolic compounds & flavonoids, especially when taken with lemon juice in the morning. Honey when combined with a Nutritious diet & moderate exercise improves the Blood lipids & other Metabolic parameters.


11) What is meant by 100% pure?

100% pure honey means honey without impurities and extra addition of any kind of sugars. 


13) What is the Honey Nutritional composition? *Approximate value 

*Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (Kcal)325
Protein (g)0.25
Carbohydrates (g)81
Total Sugars (g)81
Fat  (g)0

14) What is meant by Saffola is packaged in USFDA registered facility?

The process, equipment’s & facility used for manufacturing Saffola honey is approved by United States food & Drug Administration.


15)    What is NMR Technology? 

NMR is a Spectroscopic analytical tool which enables to analyze the molecular structure of a material by measuring the nuclear orientations, when placed in powerful magnetic field. Due to specific nuclear orientations, every material depicts a unique pattern or spectrum, which is interpreted by statistical comparison Vs the spectrum of the material in pure form. One of the most advanced test in the world to check purity and origin of food.


16)    What is the significance of NMR in Honey?

NMR is globally recognized as one of the key analytical techniques for authentication of food products like Honey, as it is strongly focused on both structural and chemical characterization. 

Honey produces a very distinct spectrum when run through a magnetic resonance system. We can compare this spectra to other spectra of similar honeys to determine whether it has been adulterate or not. NMR also enables to accurately confirm the purity of honey by identifying the botanical and geographical origin as well.


17) What are the uses of Saffola Honey?

· Saffola Honey is often eaten as an energy food

· Saffola Honey can replace sugar in meals, providing a healthier option

· Saffola Honey mixes well as a sweetener in hot and cold drinks.

· Saffola Honey is applied as topical agent to wounds and skin infections


18) What all SKUs Saffola Honey is available?

Saffola honey is available in 3 SKUs – 250g, 500g & 1kg in both PET jar & Glass bottle.


19) What is the MRP of honey?

250g Glass/Pet – 110, 500g Glass/Pet – 220, 1000g Glass/Pet - 430


20) Where I can get Saffola Honey?

Saffola Honey is available on Saffola Stores at best price guaranteed. For exclusive combos and free doorstep delivery, buy Saffola 100% pure honey at attractive prices

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