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Saffola Gold Oil

Buy healthy cooking oil for your loved ones. Choose a cooking oil that is better for your heart with Saffola Gold oil available in several variants including Saffola Gold 1l, 5l and 15l oils.

Looking for the best cooking oil for your loved ones. A healthy heart is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Kickstart your journey to good heart health with Saffola Gold. Saffola Gold is one of the best cooking oil for health.


Why The Saffola Gold Oil is the Best Cooking Oil for You?

Health is wealth. But being healthy can prove to be a chore! Refined oils may make your food taste amazing, but they can also skyrocket your cholesterol through the roof. 

Including a healthy oil in your cooking can save you from the struggle of dealing with health issues. Saffola Gold oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market—without any compromises in taste. It’s a complete win-win!

So, you can now deep fry all your favourite snacks without any worries on your brow. 


Why is the Saffola Gold Oil Superior?

With so much stress and activity in today’s world, our health is on a decline. Making sure that you choose the right cooking oil to maintain everyone's health in your family is essential.

However, choosing the right edible oil doesn’t have to be so hard. This is because we have formulated a heart-healthy oil for every Indian household—the Saffola Gold. 

Prevention is better than cure, and Saffola Gold multisource edible oil is one of the best cures in the market. Our refined oil uses MUFA and PUFA, which have a unique antioxidant system to boost your family's immunity.

That's not all! If you know the hassle of dealing with excess oil after you’ve fried some snacks, then our refined oil has the best news for you. Saffola Gold Refined Oil has LOSORB technology that can decrease oil absorption in your food by 33%! 


Nutritional Facts 

100 grams of product with approximate values
Energy 900 Kcal 
Total Fat100 g
Saturated Fatty Acid21.3 g
Monosaturated Fatty Acid40.5 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid38.2 g
Trans Fatty Acid <2 g 
Oryzanol (NIN ICMR Indian Food Composition, 2017)850 mg 
Vitamin E, A, D50 mg, 750 mcg, 11.25 mcg


What are the Benefits of Saffola Gold?

With a mix of Saffola Rice Bran and Saffola Sunflower oils, switching out your old oils for this heart-healthy version is the first step in your fitness journey. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Saffola Gold Refined oil as your top choice:

To protect and maintain your heart’s health

To get a good, balanced dose of MUFA and PUFA: Since this is a dual-seed oil, it helps provide you with good nutrition through healthy fats

Natural antioxidants present in the oil help improve your family’s immunity, whether it is an eight-year-old or a young child

Maintain your cholesterol levels with the help of Oryzanol which is present in this oil

Cook any food you want as Saffola Gold oil is ideal for any style of cooking. Whether you like to sauté your food or grill it, you can surely use this oil with no issues and maximum taste!

If you hate going out in the sun and feel like your back is five times older than the rest of your body, this oil will help you out. With the goodness of Vitamin A and D, you will be healthier than ever before!

So, what are you waiting for? Switch your oils now!

Saffola gold is also available with special combo offers with Saffola honey 500g, Pack of 8 , oodles Protein slim meal shake coffee caramel.

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