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Saffola Oil

Why Should You Switch to Saffola Total Oil?

Spicy, fried food lies at the heart of Indian food culture. As delicious as fried food may be to your taste buds, consuming oils high in trans fats and omega 6 for delicious Indian snacks can harm your heart and have a negative influence on your overall health.

The primary reason for switching your cooking oil to Saffola Total Oil is because of the heart-healthy benefits that it provides to you without compromising on taste!  Being one of the best alternatives for cooking oils in the market, Saffola Tasty Oil is here to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Features of Saffola Total Oil That Makes it the Best

What makes Saffola Total the best on the market? Take a look at our key features to find the answer yourself:

Our Total Oil is clinically proven to work on 8 different biomarkers regarding the health of your heart. 

It has a dual-seed technology which is way better than uni-seed as you get the goodness and nutrition of two seeds instead of one!

The Saffola Heart Oil will ensure that your cholesterol levels remain under control. It also helps you achieve a good balance of MUFA and PUFA 

Its advanced antioxidant system will increase your immunity and create protection against any diseases.

The LOSORB technology will ensure that you don't eat food dipped in oil. In fact, you can reduce 31% of oil absorption when you use Saffola Total Oil.

Nutritional Facts

100 grams of product with approximate values
Energy 900 Kcal 
Total Fat100 g
Saturated Fatty Acid19.4 g
Monosaturated Fatty Acid35.1 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid45.5 g
Trans Fatty Acid <2 g 
Oryzanol (NIN ICMR Indian Food Composition, 2017)700 mg 
Vitamin E, A, D90 mg, 750 mcg, 11.25 mcg

Interesting Facts You Should Know 

Saffola Total oil takes care of eight markers of heart health:

To maintain a healthy heart, you need to keep the above markers in check. So, we empower you with a heart-friendly diet to steer clear of any potential problems. 

Saffola Heart oil has 0 grams of sugar, carbohydrates, protein, or cholesterol! This oil has the power of oryzanol infused throughout it, making it ideal for daily use.

With its unique mix of ingredients, Saffola Total Oil is the answer to all your health worries. Here’s a list of ingredients we use to produce this special solution:

Physically refined rice bran oil & refined safflower (kardi) seed oil

Permitted antioxidants [307, 304, 319, 330]

Permitted anti-foaming agent ins [900A]

Fortified with vitamins A and D

Another exciting thing you should note is that our product is also free from Argemone oil. You can use Saffola Total in so many ways. Everything is possible, whether you want to deep fry, grill, roast, or bake!

So, what are you waiting for! Add Saffola to your cart now and keep your family and loved ones happy and healthy!

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